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April 02 2018

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A New, Better Approach to Supplying Bitcoin Gains Traction

There are now many ways to obtain the digital currency Bitcoin, with some of them significantly simpler and more convenient than others. While some hopeful Bitcoin users suffer through the delays and overly burdensome processes at traditional exchanges, there are other options that are worth looking into.

At Xcoins.io, for example, obtaining bitcoin with paypal is not only possible but straightforward. As a result, many more of those interested in Bitcoin are now making use of such services.

Addressing All the Most Common Complaints About Acquiring Bitcoin

It might be thought that Bitcoin would be easy to acquire by default, but that has not historically been the case. Some of the problems that the average person has traditionally run into when trying to stock up on the currency have included:

Delays. Being able to obtain some digital currency right away to make a purchase or another type of payment could seem like a key requirement. Unfortunately, most Bitcoin exchanges impose significant delays on their customers, and that can make the currency a lot less enjoyable to use. With many providers requiring that clients wait days for their Bitcoin despite having already paid, it can even seem as if customers were being routinely taken advantage of.

Restrictions. One of the appealing things about Bitcoin to many is that it seems like a currency where the usual limits can be disregarded. Unfortunately, many well-established exchanges are so restrictive with their own policies that the impact of this supposed advantage rarely shines through. With so many exchanges disallowing common payment methods like PayPal and credit cards, their clients often feel poorly served.

Hassles. Another way by which many exchanges fail their users is by simply asking too much of them for even the simplest of transactions. Being forced to provide documentation and wait for it to be processed will always detract significantly from the experience of using Bitcoin. These hurdles alone, in fact, leave many wondering if it is even worth becoming involved with Bitcoin at all.

Bitcoin's True Potential Finally Realized

As those who view more from Xcoins.io will see, these issues and other common ones have all been addressed through that company's approach. A quick look at the bitcoin info here will show that obtaining the currency can be just as simple, quick, and pleasant as anyone might hope. By recognizing and addressing the problems that have previously kept so many from getting started with Bitcoin, services like this one are making it a much more realistic option for many.
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